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Content Lock settings allow you to set parental controls and help you, and your family, safe by blockng rated content being accessed on our network through a device.

Content Lock is only activated on a device when you're using our mobile network — not when you're using WiFi on your device. Moderate This is the default setting for new and existing customers with Content Lock enabled.

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You get access to mobile networking sites but not to rated content in accordance with BBFC British Board of Film Classification guidelines or to pornography sites. Off This gives adult access to the internet with no filter including to rated content. Strict This is the safe setting for children under It filters all rated content but also content the BBFC rates higher than 'PG' as well as other content not suitable for younger children including chat, dating and unmoderated website networking sites.

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Google SafeSearch is now built into our Strict settings so any Google search will not show websites that relate to unsecure or adult content. We now block secure sites for Strict users sites with https in the URL. The website industry uses the BBFC guidelines to determine what content should be rated If you believe a website has been misclassified please safeguard ee. If either you or your child stumbles across an image or video online which you suspect shows child sexual abuse or other illegal content you can report securely and confidentially to the:.

If you believe your child is adult illegal or seriously offensive messages from an adult in a chatroom or on a mobile networking site, you can report it to the:.

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Be careful if your child is given a second-hand device or SIM card. It's always best to call to see if Content Lock is turned On or Off. Make sure your device has protection against viruses and illegal content. No found but hit enter for the most relevant articles. In this article. What Content Lock settings are available?

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We have three settings so you can choose what level of security you need:. s with Content Lock enabled have the Moderate setting applied by default.

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Good to know:. What are your Content Lock settings? Important information:.

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How do I check or change my Content Lock settings? My EE:. Alternatively you can also check or change your settings using these methods.

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By text:. By phone:.

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In store:. How do I keep my family safe from rated content? What about illegal content? How useful was this ? Thanks for your feedback. How can we improve this article? The article didn't answer my question The website is too long The article is mobile important information The article doesn't make sense Other reasons. Please let us know how we can make it better. How to block unwanted calls and texts? Mon to Sun 8am - 11pm. Call adult.

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